Engineering Solutions.

At VEAPS, Inc., our mission is to support each client’s business goals in order to help them achieve long-term success. We’re a systems integration company offering industrial automation, validation and industrial engineering solutions from troubleshooting assembly line productivity issues to designing multi-million dollar greenfield construction projects.

Our experienced engineers and project managers have worked in industries such as automotive, consumer product, pharmaceutical, medical device and utilities. Their combined professional experiences on the client and consultant sides add up to VEAPS’ ability to understand challenges facing our clients: such as the need for greater efficiencies through automation to reduce staffing; pursuing lean efforts to impact the bottom line; or planning for replacement of outdated systems to remain competitive.

Turnkey Solutions

VEAPS offers turnkey solutions from the programming of new  lines and systems to improvements of existing systems. Disciplined project management is the driver that enables our engineers to assist clients in lowering life-cycle costs, creating processes for greater safety and on-time delivery, and standardizing systems to provide consistent product quality.

Process Improvement

Are you being challenged to improve performance but not sure where to start? Our engineers and project managers can help utilizing proven six sigma, validation, automation and project management expertise. We address issues, such as: identifying the need for and implementing lean efforts; reducing human error or resources; or shortening the production lifecycle through automation.

Regulatory Compliance

Our engineers follow procedures and guidelines as required by government and regulatory agencies such as 21 CFR 11, 210, 211, and 820.  VEAPS is well-versed in industry regulations, GAMP V, and Computer System Validation and can help clients ensure the highest standards are met and that regulatory compliance is achieved.

Staffing Solutions

For complex or long-term projects, VEAPS can place engineers on site to coordinate teams and projects from start to finish. VEAPS works with clients who may assist with projects such as: complete integration of systems; capital projects and new installations; major plant expansions; small-scale maintenance projects; or multi-disciplinary projects.